UI Design

Early in 2013, our team formerly known as AppHaus at SAP recognized a unique opportunity to change the way people assembled products leveraging SAP’s proprietary 3-D technology. After multiple rounds of user research, our team got the support from SAP to see how far we can take this business case, first in the consumer market, and later on build an ecosystem for consumers and businesses.

BILT is an interactive, 3D, voice-guided app that helps consumers assemble and install products. BILT redefines the assemble experience, transforming the previously time-consuming, frustrated experience to something easy, fun and enjoyable. Not only a perfect case study for how design can help bridge businesses and consumers that use existing technology, BILT also has a huge implication of setting a new thinking paradigm for SAP next generation CRM (customer relation management) solutions.


As a part of the core design team, I helped design experiences across the product. Working very closely with our end users, product managers, developers, researchers and other designers. Together, we defined the requirements, features and a roadmap based on our user research. I contributed to the conceptualization of product flows, onboarding, brand and identity, visual language, and responsive designs.